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I don’t think I’ve ever really thought about the process of chewing before I had this surgery.

Since I’ve returned to a normal diet, I’ve been trying to make one new recipe a week for dinner. I live alone, so I make the whole recipe and eat the leftovers for other dinners and lunches.

Once again, another recipe I’ve made has jaw parallels. These mushroom-based “cheesesteaks” would be perfect for new chewers (minus the bun).  Steak is often a favorite dream dinner after surgery,  but trust me, it will be a while before you can really chew one. Even if you just chopped up mushrooms and melted some provolone over them, this would be a treat.


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i can eat anything

Really. Anything. Well, except stuff that will break my braces. But no food is off limit anymore. I can chew like a real person. 😀

I made this recipe tonight, and it occurs to me that it would be a tasty and healthy meal for someone who just got chewing clearance and is relearning how to eat. Enjoy!

This weekend will be my first trip to the farmer’s market during which I do most of my grocery shopping. I can’t wait to bite through a fresh, locally grown strawberry.


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eating, eating

I’ve been a bit lax about posting recently as I’ve returned to a regular diet. Today, I ate a Subway turkey sandwich. I bit through a hamburger on Sunday during my birthday dinner. I can’t believe I can use all of these teeth to chew now!

I have thoughts about additional content to add to this blog, but I’d also like to answer any questions you have. What do you want to know about jaw surgery and eating? Ask away!


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jaw double down

Shared a grilled Double Down today. I could bite right through it! It’s not a bad sandwich (if you can call it that), but I’d rather just have the grilled chicken.


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things i have eaten

– Nachos

–  Bits of steak

– A wrap sandwich, albeit unsuccessfully

Biting through things remains a challenge for me, but I’ve mostly returned to a regular eating schedule. I am eating more salad. I like the crunch-crunch between my teeth.

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After doing the best I could to hunt down quarters on a Sunday morning (a task fraught with frustration), I stress ate some Sun Chips at the laundromat. Chewing them went pretty well! However, I don’t plan on introducing chips back into my diet full time. Mostly I’m just excited about eating non-pureed veggies and fruit again.

I have to go food shopping again today or tomorrow, which means I actually need to come up with a menu besides potatoes, pasta, avocados and yogurt (ah, the simplicity of not eating). I’m thinking of investing in salad makings. A sandwich would be nice, but I’m still struggling with biting into things. Another week of knife and fork.

What are all of you eating today?


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the chewing dinner

After getting the greenlight to chew on Monday, I sent out an e-mail to a few friends to meet me for dinner at a local restaurant. It was my chewing coming out party!

Although I would have loved to sink my teeth into a hamburger, I’m not really ready to bite through things yet. I ordered the thai chicken curry. It was delicious, don’t get me wrong, but the chicken was completely shredded. I didn’t really need to chew anything but the flatbread that came with it!

Tried a salad for lunch today. The meat chunks were easy to chew, the lettuce was a challenge and the crispy strips were better left off. Still, a good experience.

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