No matter what you’re eating after orthognathic surgery, you’re going to need the right tools to do it. The problem is that you won’t know what will work for you until you actually have the surgery.

Here are some tools you should have on hand during your recovery to help you get nutrition back into your body:

– Baby spoons (I’d go with the softer, more flexible ones)

– Sippy cup

– Paper or Styrofoam cups

– Straws (may be prohibited by your surgeon)

– Feeding syringe (hospital should provide this)

– Bib or kitchen towels (you’re gonna get messy!)

– Tissues (for impromptu nosebleeds during meals)

– Condiment bottles

A Word About Zip-N-Squeeze:

I’m told that these are magical, magical bags that will help you eat more easily than other methods. However, since mid-2009, buying these products off the company’s site hasn’t been successful. PayPal functionality has since been turned off on the site.

According to a post made on the Yahoo! group Orthognathic Surgery and Support in April 2010, ZNS creator and RN Susan Beaudette has had health problems in recent years and hasn’t been able to tend to the site as much as she wished.

While the ZNS bags and the Cool Jaw Wrap are excellent products, you can make do with other products. Condiment bottles work for liquids, and you can add extra rubber tubing to improve your eating experience. If you’d prefer a strap-on jaw wrap instead of the two bags of peas method, I highly recommend contacting a local plastic surgeon. Patients getting facial work done use similar-looking wraps.


3 responses to “implements

  1. Penny

    After upper/lower surg Dec 16, I’m back to myself and feeling empathy for anyone facing jaw surgery and the month that follows it.

    My must-haves:
    1. Magic Bullet single shot: best $40 I spent – that thing saw a lot of use these past months, and keeps working.
    2. Frozen soups, made ahead in the month before surgery. Tomato can be rough on the throat – butternut squash/ginger was my fave.
    3. My daily breakfast was vanilla Carnation Instant Breakfast with milk and creamy peanut butter blended in… yum. McDonald’s shakes blend oh so well too for a treat (and who deserves a treat more than you right now?).
    4. When the syringe gets old: collect starbucks frappucino cups – the plastic is durable enough for re-use and the shape is ideal for when you regain vague control of your bottom lip. Then see #5.
    5. Also for this stage: a mirror and hand towel, so you can lean back, guide the cup to your mouth with your free hand, slowly raise the cup and see where the food lands.
    6. Best for pain when you can’t take pills orally: Tylenol Adult Rapid Blast Cherry Liquid. I live in Canada; we don’t have it here so I had my parents bring back a supply and I went through 3 bottles once I was weaning off codeine. So great to have easy-to-take pain relief.
    7. Best splurge: a sheepskin to sleep on (I got one at Ikea, relatively cheaply). I’m not a back-sleeper so this, plus 3 pillows, really made it comfy to sleep after surgery. My neighbour also gave me a neck support pillow that can be microwaved and smells like ginger and lavender… so soothing for watching the hours of TV for the first few weeks.

    Remember, this too shall pass. Repeat often. I’m at 10 weeks and was desplinted today. I feel like a new person and have to say how lovely it feels to “just” have braces! Good luck to everyone on this journey.

  2. Love these suggestions. These items are no officially on my Christmas list this year, as my surgery is 3 days after Christmas. Thank you!

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