***7/4/2015: It makes me so happy that this page is still useful to jaw surgery candidates! Since more than five years have passed since my surgery, I’m going to add a few more items on here that weren’t popular when I had this surgery. I am also adding a few things that my baby ate before he had teeth, since they would work for jaw patients too. 😀 

Here some ideas of things you can eat at various stages in your recovery. Don’t worry about classifying them into breakfast, lunch and dinner. When you can’t eat normally, it’s best to eat what you can, whenever you can.

Liquid Diet – Syringe

Add protein or weight gain powder as desired:

Juices (fortified orange, grape, apple, vegetable, green)

Soup or meat-based broths (strained if necessary)

Milkshake (may need to be thinned)

Smoothies (thinned and strained if necessary)

Vitamin Water

Beer (only if you’re off pain medication)

Ensure/Carnation Instant Breakfast

Odwalla or Naked Juice, particularly the high-calorie, high-protein ones


Liquid Diet – No Syringe

Cream of Wheat made with milk (add 1 spoonful of peanut butter if original flavor)



Oatmeal (may need to be blended)

Pudding/crème brulée without the crust


Yogurt (you can even use the pouch kind that kids use; my son recommends Stonyfield Organics)

Fruit pouches (my son hates these, but the fruit-based ones taste good and at least you’d be consuming some produce)

Soft, No-Chew Diet

Mashed banana with peanut butter or Nutella

Mashed potatoes with extra cheese

Mashed sweet potatoes with either salt, pepper and butter or butter and honey

Mashed carrots with salt, pepper and butter

Riced cauliflower with cheese, sour cream and/or spices

Guacamole (I’d just mash up an avocado and add salt, pepper, onion powder and garlic powder)

Ice cream (nuke for 15 seconds, add a spoonful of peanut butter or Nutella if desired)

Berry ice cream (nuke and mash frozen berries, mix into aforementioned heated ice cream)

Chicken-based soups

Burrito innards (any combo of rice, guacamole, mashed black beans, thin salsa, sour cream and cheese)

Pasta/mac and cheese made with small or cut noodles

Soft Chew Diet

Pasta, including gnocchi and pierogies

Soft-cooked vegetables

Cold cuts

Soft meat chunks, such as chicken or pulled pork that is cut for easy chewing

Cedarlane or Amy’s frozen burritos and enchiladas

4 responses to “Hungry?

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  2. Rafael

    On your blog, when you put chew in quotation marks, were you referring to “chewing” (haha there I go!) on the roof of your mouth with your tongue? And are those foods what you call here the “soft no-chew” foods?

    Thanks! I’m on week 2 and am really craving non-liquids but I think my surgeon said I should only be doing liquids for the first 4 weeks. Sigh 😦

  3. TK

    Yes and yes, Rafael!

    Congratulations on your surgery! You should definitely follow your surgeon’s advice, even though liquids for four weeks really suck. You can get pretty creative with smoothies, though.

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