After meeting with my orthodontist for the first time in December 2008, I turned to the internet for more information on the orthognathic surgery that he told me I’d need if I ever want to chew properly again.

Many, many people have shared their experiences through in countless blogs and YouTube videos. When I learned that I’d need a Lefort I to correct my open bite, I considered starting a blog to pay back the valuable information that I gained from the stories of others.

As I get closer to my surgery, I realize what information is really missing is about what to eat after this surgery. There are relatively few sources to find good recipes online, and the cookbooks available for “no chew” folks are either disgusting or aimed at weight loss through a liquid diet. There is exactly one book written for orthognathic surgery patients, and it costs $64. Forget that!

Ready your baby spoons, sippy cups and straws, my fellow patients. This experience may hurt, but at least it can taste good. Jaw Nom Nom.


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