Chewing practice

A month or two ago, I was ordered by my orthodontist to chew gum so my teeth know how to go together.

Really. Ordered.

Right now I’m chewing through a pack of the new Extra key lime pie flavor.

My teeth look great, my bite lines up just right, but my back teeth don’t quite hit. My orthodontist said that the teeth will eventually grow to meet one another. I do not know whether to trust that.

Braces may be off in November. Hang on tight.



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2 responses to “Chewing practice

  1. Jessica

    I have the same issue I’m at 44 days and my back teeth don’t touch and it’s kinda freaking my out. How long was it before your back teeth met up?

    • TK

      Jessica, I don’t remember exactly when they hit up, but I probably posted about it at some point. Rest assured, they did touch eventually. I still chew gum a few times a week to encourage them, just in case.

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