eating, eating

I’ve been a bit lax about posting recently as I’ve returned to a regular diet. Today, I ate a Subway turkey sandwich. I bit through a hamburger on Sunday during my birthday dinner. I can’t believe I can use all of these teeth to chew now!

I have thoughts about additional content to add to this blog, but I’d also like to answer any questions you have. What do you want to know about jaw surgery and eating? Ask away!



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2 responses to “eating, eating

  1. descantus

    Oooh lucky, must be nice to know that a life of pureed mush is behind you! Are you finding it strange to eat with the new teeth arrangment? I’m imagining that the new bite is taking some getting used to..

    • composecompriseconstitute

      At first it was odd, but I’ve gotten used to it. However, chewing things like peanuts is still a little odd. I won’t have feeling in my upper jaw for a while longer, so eating won’t feel perfectly normal for a while.

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