she came, she saw, she chewed

I just finished a small lunch of ravioli. It was…weird. I can’t really feel how my jaws come together without a mirror, so I watched myself eat. A couple of my molars felt funny as my teeth met, but overall, it was a good experience that I plan to repeat for a lifetime.

Ravioli was a perfect food to chew — it’s not too small, it’s not too big and it’s just soft enough to require chewing. I recommend it.

Mmph. Now I’m chewing strawberry bits. I missed fresh fruit that wasn’t bananas. It’s funny – I chewed for so long on four teeth that I automatically send my food back there for chewing.  😀



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3 responses to “she came, she saw, she chewed

  1. Haha, you plan on repeating the chewing event for a lifetime, heh? I’d sad that’s a noble plan.

    I have 4 more weeks until I *might* be allowed to chew. It’s annoying, because I feel like I could do it now!

    I wonder how long until you can eat things like crackers and chips. And celery! Oh, the joys of crunching through things…

  2. composecompriseconstitute

    Since I went to the orthodontist this morning, I suspect there won’t be any crunchy chewing in my future for at least a week. 😛 What a setback!

    As soon as I’m up to chewing crunch, I will tell the world!

  3. hey good news! Finally some payoff from the months of orthodontic slog – the light at the end of the tunnel must be so much brighter now!

    Have fun discovering all the fab new things your teeth can do 🙂

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