jaw’s first pizza

As you’ve read, I’ve probably pushed the limits of what I should be eating without chewing. I’ve cut things that I really should chew into tiny pieces in order to eat them due to desperation or hunger.

I originally thought I wouldn’t eat pizza until I could chew again, but yesterday I reassessed my opinion. During a road trip earlier this month, I ate breadstick innards with marinara sauce. How different is pizza?

The answer? Not much. I bought a frozen pizza, baked it and cut it into teeny, tiny pieces. I definitely am not eating the serving I would have eaten previously, but I was able to easily “chew” the slice I ate. I bought a pizza with a substantial crust, as a thin-crust pizza would be too sharp even to “chew.”

When I started Jaw Nom Nom, I was under the impression that I wouldn’t be eating like this until much later. I thought I’d be on a liquid diet for weeks, and I wasn’t. I thought I’d want to cook, and I haven’t done much of that.

I’ve started a page above called Hungry? that gives my fellow jaw patients of all eating abilities an idea of what to eat. I’ll keep updating it as I think of more things that I’ve eaten or will eat that fall into the appropriate categories.



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2 responses to “jaw’s first pizza

  1. Graham

    That’s awesome! I was at a friend’s last night and they ordered pizza. 3 different kinds, too.

    I wanted some soooooo bad. I should add that to my list.

  2. I’ve been thinking about it, and I’m pretty sure that if you cut up pizza into tiny bits and mixed it with extra marinara sauce, you could easily eat it at the stage I am now without concern. As for me, I like to risk life and limb.

    Ah, Italian food. It never fails.

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