jaw’s first straw

I had my wisdom teeth out at the same time as my jaw surgery, and one of the things you’re never allowed to do after teeth removal is use a straw. It causes pressure inside of your mouth, which can break your clots.

I haven’t been told specifically that I can start using a straw again, but since my surgeon offered to remove my stitches the last time I was in the office, I decided it was safe to try.

I had to sip from the side, and it wasn’t easy, but it worked. The odd thing is that when I sipped, I’d get a shooting cold feeling, like I had dribbled on my upper lip somehow. Odd.



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2 responses to “jaw’s first straw

  1. You had your wisdom teeth out at the same time as your jaw surgery? That’s crazy.

    Now you’ll never have the privilege of looking like a chipmunk!

  2. composecompriseconstitute

    Yeah, the surgeon said keeping them in could mess with the integrity of my sweet new bite.

    I’m pretty sure it’s just part of the Wisdom Teeth Conspiracy kept up by anyone who does mouthwork for a living.

    On the upside, I didn’t really pay attention to the fact that I was minus four wisdom teeth. I was all focused on the jaw. 😀

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