jaw at the barbecue

I attended an impromptu BBQ this lovely spring day. There wasn’t a full spread of food from me to choose from, but I did really well. I ripped up doughnut holes into tiny pieces and ate them, and cut up a hamburger and tomato slice into tiny pieces and ate that, too. Everything tasted great.

I’m starting to get a little nervous about chewing. It’s going to be a much different experience! I used to only chew with four teeth. In about a week, I’ll have the go-ahead to use all 24. Scary.



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4 responses to “jaw at the barbecue

  1. Wow, I would absolutely die if I was able to break a hamburger patty into little pieces and eat it. With barbecue sauce. YUM!

  2. you can do it! You sound like me! I cheated just a little I kinda chewed! But I was starving and I just couldn’t take it! I don’t know I remember my OS first saying 4 weeks then he said 5 weeks I have 3 more days so I guess it shouldn’t hurt! Good LUck~

  3. Annie

    Ohhh, hamburgers!! 🙂 🙂

    I remember after I had the rubber bands removed after my surgery, my mouth wouldn’t open very wide right away so I had to take tiny bites of things for a while and chew things really well.

    I started college that year and made the mistake of not chewing a mozzerella stick properly before swallowing it. Thankfully another student from another table came over and did the heimlich on me.

    So, word to the wise…chew really carefully, more than you would otherwise!

  4. composecompriseconstitute

    Annie, that situation is exactly what I feared when I first starting “eating” mac and cheese. I found noodles that I could kind of break up and swallow whole, but my rule is if I think there’s a chance I’ll choke, I spit it back out.

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