eating on the road

I took my jaw out on the open road for the last few days, where I had the chance to eat my second and third and fourth restaurant meals since surgery. I even used a real fork!

On Sunday, we headed over to TGI Friday’s. At first I was afraid that I’d be ordering mashed potatoes and calling it quits, but I realized that the chicken fajitas had remarkably similar contents to the Mexican dish I like to eat at home. I cut up the chicken a bit and ate that, although the peppers and onions were a bit too much.

On Monday, we had dinner at a local restaurant. The vegetables were super soft and the potatoes were easy to eat. I ate about half of the chicken by cutting it into teeny pieces and swallowing it. Dessert was easy to get down, although I had to give my sundae’s cherry away.

Today, we went to IHOP. I’ve been avoiding eggs because I fear that they will get too cold before I can swallow them, but I decided an omelette would be easy. IHOP puts a little pancake batter in their omelettes, which makes it flatter and therefore easier to “chew.” I ordered the chicken fajita omelette (are you noticing a theme?), which was delicious once cut up. I did try some pancakes, but what I really wanted was the tastiness of the omelette.

On the way home, I ripped apart two Cinnabon bites and had mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese. Cracker Barrel also would have been acceptable, but I didn’t feel like stopping for long.

I got lots of questions about my jaw during my trip. Coincidentally, my uncle recently had surgery to reconstruct his foot after a car accident. We swapped general anesthesia stories.

I brought yogurt and applesauce for the road, but it’s not possible to eat and drive safely and keep your steering wheel clean when you’re reduced to tiny bites. Liquids are all good, obviously.

Today is the four-week anniversary of my jaw surgery! I decided to celebrate with my first post-surgical glass of wine. It’s the same delicious kind I drank a few days before surgery. To rigid fixation!


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  1. wow your allowed to eat soft foods you are so lucky! I’m so tired of liquids! I just want to eat! Yeah today makes 4 weeks for me!lol! I go to the OS on the 16th to get my splint removed and then he said I would be able to eat but he didn’t say what! Congrats on being able to eat!

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