souped up

Today I went to the opening of the local farmer’s market with a friend and her friend. It turns out that her friend had jaw surgery, too! About two years ago, she had her lower jaw shortened. Unfortunately, her surgery was just before Thanksgiving, and she was just dying to chew her way through the holidays like a regular person. She was wired shut for six weeks. Her smile looks great now! I tried not to talk about jaw surgery the whole time, but it was great to meet someone in person who has had this surgery.

My friend asked me if it was hard wandering through the market, where most products require chewing. It wasn’t. For the most part, I have accepted that I cannot eat most foods. I made up for it later with a small chocolate covered strawberry Blizzard. 😀

True to my word, soup was my main course for lunch and dinner today. I bought a large container of chicken tortilla soup, which tasted great, but I quickly got tired of it. I bought it after leaving for work today, so I couldn’t blend it. I had to throw out a lot of giant carrot chunks. It also had a lot of salt in it. When I get back from my trip, I definitely am going to make some soups. I still haven’t made that tomato chipotle soup that I talked about in my first post!

I’ve got to go back to the store again tonight to find items that I can eat during my six-hour car ride. I’ll be fine on beverages, but since I won’t be able to heat anything, I don’t know what I can eat for lunch on the go. I guess I’d better hope that one of those rest stops serves soup.


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