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After doing the best I could to hunt down quarters on a Sunday morning (a task fraught with frustration), I stress ate some Sun Chips at the laundromat. Chewing them went pretty well! However, I don’t plan on introducing chips back into my diet full time. Mostly I’m just excited about eating non-pureed veggies and fruit again.

I have to go food shopping again today or tomorrow, which means I actually need to come up with a menu besides potatoes, pasta, avocados and yogurt (ah, the simplicity of not eating). I’m thinking of investing in salad makings. A sandwich would be nice, but I’m still struggling with biting into things. Another week of knife and fork.

What are all of you eating today?



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the chewing dinner

After getting the greenlight to chew on Monday, I sent out an e-mail to a few friends to meet me for dinner at a local restaurant. It was my chewing coming out party!

Although I would have loved to sink my teeth into a hamburger, I’m not really ready to bite through things yet. I ordered the thai chicken curry. It was delicious, don’t get me wrong, but the chicken was completely shredded. I didn’t really need to chew anything but the flatbread that came with it!

Tried a salad for lunch today. The meat chunks were easy to chew, the lettuce was a challenge and the crispy strips were better left off. Still, a good experience.

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Chipotle chicken fajita burrito bowl? Yes.

Chips and guacamole? No.

My jaw isn’t an overachiever.


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she came, she saw, she chewed

I just finished a small lunch of ravioli. It was…weird. I can’t really feel how my jaws come together without a mirror, so I watched myself eat. A couple of my molars felt funny as my teeth met, but overall, it was a good experience that I plan to repeat for a lifetime.

Ravioli was a perfect food to chew — it’s not too small, it’s not too big and it’s just soft enough to require chewing. I recommend it.

Mmph. Now I’m chewing strawberry bits. I missed fresh fruit that wasn’t bananas. It’s funny – I chewed for so long on four teeth that I automatically send my food back there for chewing.  😀


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chewing clearance

It’s official! I’m allowed to chew again! My surgeon recommended that I don’t start with jawbreakers. I’m inclined to agree.

Although I’m looking forward to actually using my teeth and jaws, I may hold off until dinner tonight. I’m a little worried that I’ve forgotten how to chew. I’d like to eat in front of a mirror to make sure I’m doing it right. It’s good that I waited to go food shopping — now I can make a big trip and buy things I can gnaw on!

Next up this morning: dentist appointment!

ETA: I seem to keep forgetting that I have to work until late tonight and won’t be able to wait that long for dinner. I’m cooking my ravioli now.

Check out the teeth. The hygienist was impressed with how white they got!

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jaw’s first pizza

As you’ve read, I’ve probably pushed the limits of what I should be eating without chewing. I’ve cut things that I really should chew into tiny pieces in order to eat them due to desperation or hunger.

I originally thought I wouldn’t eat pizza until I could chew again, but yesterday I reassessed my opinion. During a road trip earlier this month, I ate breadstick innards with marinara sauce. How different is pizza?

The answer? Not much. I bought a frozen pizza, baked it and cut it into teeny, tiny pieces. I definitely am not eating the serving I would have eaten previously, but I was able to easily “chew” the slice I ate. I bought a pizza with a substantial crust, as a thin-crust pizza would be too sharp even to “chew.”

When I started Jaw Nom Nom, I was under the impression that I wouldn’t be eating like this until much later. I thought I’d be on a liquid diet for weeks, and I wasn’t. I thought I’d want to cook, and I haven’t done much of that.

I’ve started a page above called Hungry? that gives my fellow jaw patients of all eating abilities an idea of what to eat. I’ll keep updating it as I think of more things that I’ve eaten or will eat that fall into the appropriate categories.


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jaw’s first straw

I had my wisdom teeth out at the same time as my jaw surgery, and one of the things you’re never allowed to do after teeth removal is use a straw. It causes pressure inside of your mouth, which can break your clots.

I haven’t been told specifically that I can start using a straw again, but since my surgeon offered to remove my stitches the last time I was in the office, I decided it was safe to try.

I had to sip from the side, and it wasn’t easy, but it worked. The odd thing is that when I sipped, I’d get a shooting cold feeling, like I had dribbled on my upper lip somehow. Odd.


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