a word about my face

The main purpose of Jaw Nom Nom is to talk about the food aspects of this surgery. However, I can’t resist this opportunity to what my head has felt like after my Lefort I and wisdom teeth removal.

Initially, I didn’t have feeling in 80 percent of my face or more. There were times when I needed to itch my nose, but it wasn’t satisfying because I couldn’t feel it. I feel occasional twinges around my upper jaw.

Today, I have limited feeling in my upper lip and an inch or two around my nose. I have most of the feeling back on my nose. I also have have smudges of mascara under my eyes that I can’t seem to remove with soap and water, partly because I can’t feel much there and don’t want to damage my skin. Washing my face feels really weird and ineffective. I haven’t bothered trying a facial scrub.

I have some swelling still and I don’t quite look like myself, but my cheekbones are back. I can’t purse my lips to blow out a candle. I am moderately more efficient at using mouthwash, but I can’t swish it up past my upper teeth.

For the most part, I’m functioning well. I anxiously await the day I get to the soft chew stage. 🙂


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