day 14

I returned to work today for the first time since surgery. For the most part, my energy level was good and I took things easy by doing a lot of needed desk work.

Breakfast at home was a little orange juice, a bowl of mushy Life cereal with milk, yogurt and 1/2 of a banana. Even though that’s a lot of breakfast for me, I didn’t last until 11 a.m. Guess I need to find a good jaw-friendly 10 a.m. snack.

I brought in some of my Mexican dish for lunch, as well as a pudding cup. I broke up a Nutri Grain bar into tiny pieces as a snack. I held up until I got home and wolfed down dinner.

Today was easy in terms of food. Tomorrow, not so much. I’ll be starting my day out of the office, which means that I’ll have to pack a cooler with my lunch or pick something up when I can.


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  1. I am sure I won’t eat very much at 1st, but then will be hungry constantly once I do get my appetite back. haha. Sounds like you are hungry later too… I hope tomorrow andyour cooler goes good. 🙂


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