wrong choice

I had planned to make this post about the above box of mac and cheese and how I finally bought it after eyeing it for months at Target. Instead, this post is about food that doesn’t taste good.

Some of the recommended foods for jaw patients don’t sound appetizing to the average person, like Ensure. Others, like milkshakes, get boring after a few days. It’s natural to want to branch out, and that can mean picking up things at the grocery store that you’ve never eaten before.

But if you pick something up that doesn’t taste good, stop eating it. Unless you think you can get through the whole meal, go eat something else that you know you like. It’s too easy to lose weight when your diet and jaws are restricted.

Instead of the above mac and cheese, I’m having leftover cream of potato soup. Dinner likely will be more burrito-on-a-plate: a mixture of rice, beans, guacamole, cheese, salsa and sour cream. Nom.


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