movie food

I’ve seen two movies in the last week, and each time I’ve gone to the theater, I’ve eyed the snack bar. I sometimes like to buy popcorn at the movies, but that’s obviously out for now.

My boyfriend and I ended up splitting a medium Diet Coke for each movie, but tonight I noticed some Minute Maid Lemonade and Pink Lemonade Italian ices. I’m pretty sure you could shave off some ice and stick it in your mouth without too much trouble during the movie. If not, well, that’s why the napkin dispensers are there.

I suppose jaw patients at the soft food stage could eat those soft pretzel bites, maybe with some cheese on the side. Ooh. I want soft pretzel bites right now. Mmm.



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2 responses to “movie food

  1. haha. yeah. what was wrong with your bite before? Do you have before and after pics. please share! haha. 😉


  2. composecompriseconstitute

    Hey Makay,

    I had an open bite. If you scroll to my earlier posts, you can see the before/after. 🙂


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