trying it out

Before my mom left, we tried the aforementioned peach pie smoothie. It was HEAVEN. Tasted exactly like a slice of blended peach pie! I’m saving the tomato chipotle soup recipe for when my boyfriend gets here (in under two hours).

I saw this recipe today, and it might be perfect for soft-chew jaw patients. The pumpkin adds nutrients, and ricotta cheese softens things up. If anyone tries this, let me know.

Pumpkin and Ricotta Pancakes

– 100g raw pumpkin

– ½ c. ricotta

– ½ c. chickpea flour

– ½ c. wholemeal flour

–  cinnamon and nutmeg to taste

– 1 tbsp rice syrup

– 2 tsp baking powder

– ¾ cup soy milk

– ¾ cup water

Roughly chop pumpkin and pulse until finely chopped. Add the ricotta and blitz until blended through (pumpkin won’t blend completely into the ricotta but it will chop very finely, you just want it to be fairly uniform). Sift all your dry ingredients into a bowl and combine your liquids in a jug. Mix the wet into the dry and lightly combine. Add your ricotta/pumpkin mix and fold through until evenly mixed. Cook in a lightly greased non-stick pan until golden brown.

Optional ricotta topping

– ¼ cup ricotta

– 1 tsp lemon zest

-2 tsp lemon juice

– 1 tsp lemon basil

– salt and pepper to taste

Mix all ingredients together and top pancakes. Garnish with extra lemon zest and basil.


Many of my snacks or part of my meals involve something mashable in a mug. Any combination of 1/2 a banana, ice cream, Nutella, peanut butter, chocolate sauce and jam is pretty excellent. It keeps your taste buds on their toes. Nuke the mixture for 15 seconds if it includes ice cream to make mashing easier.


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