a real meal

Today I stepped on the scale for the first time since surgery and learned I have lost 9 pounds. While that’s good news for me, I’m pretty sure my surgeon is going to be unhappy if I lose any more than that. He already told me not to lose more than five pounds, so I decided I needed to pump up my meals a bit to stop my weight loss.

I took my first solo grocery store trip today to Harris Teeter to check out their fresh foods section. They have really delicious ready-made stuff, some of which is a blend away from dinner.

I picked up a pound of spring vegetable risotto, which only needed one trip through the blender before eating. Unfortunately, it was a bit bland. I also bought premade Manwich meat, which also is good if blended, but I couldn’t fully cut it with the roof of my mouth. I ended up mixing them together with my mashed potatoes, which tasted great, but each item is tasty on its own.

I’ve heard that smashed up cake (with lots of frosting) is good, too. I bet it also would be delicious if mixed in with a milkshake.

I “ate” mine plain, minus those little chocolate curls that I didn’t see when I bought the slice of cake.

ETA: Cake also tastes good when mixed with pudding. Nom.


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