taste test

Another day, another meal. And the last dose of my disgusting, foul liquid antibiotic.

It’s super important to take your medications after surgery. Pain medication helps you get through your day and not snap at your caregivers. Oral rinses keep your mouth clean. And antibiotics keep infection away from your sweet new smile.

But if you can, get the antibiotics in pill form. I’m sure clindamycin did its job, but every 4 teaspoon dose was foul. I had to take a teaspoon under my bottom lip and swallow it with two gulps of water to get it down. I only spat all of it up once. I had to consume four bottles of this reconstituted stuff, which my mom considered a workout as she shook her arm off every time she had to make it for me.

I’m big on following doctor’s instructions, but I’m also big on using pills instead of liquids when it comes to medications. If you can open your mouth like I can, BEG for pills. Promise to use a pill cutter if your surgeon is worried about choking. But BEG. And if you do have to take it, always eat a little something first.

The other medications I’ve taken taste good. Peridex is minty and only a rinse. The liquid hydrocodone tastes vaguely of pineapple. The OTC liquid ibuprofen tastes like berries. But the clindamycin? It’s so bad that I can’t compare the taste to anything earthly.



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2 responses to “taste test

  1. Yes My meds are so nasty I missed a couple doses because I was vomiting so I’m back to taking them it’s such a struggle! My nausea meds are pill form I smashed them up with apple juice! I still have a whole big bottle left of the meds but I know if I take them correctly they will be gone soon! you look great lucky you!

  2. Yuck! I do not miss that stuff! I definitely almost choked on mine a few times, though by the end I was kind of used to the nastiness and it would just make me shudder a little whenever I took it.

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