My mom took me to the grocery store earlier today before she left to stock up. On the list:

– Cream of Wheat

– Avocados

– Sweet potatoes

– Hummus

– Black beans/salsa/sour cream (for Mexican smash-up)

– Yoplait Whips

We also walked up and down the aisles to look for other foods that I can eat.  This was one of those items we found on an international endcap display:

It is delicious. It really should be served on rice, but it is savory and spicy on its own. There were some larger pieces that I’ll need to chop, but most of it was pretty smooth and perfect to “chew” on the roof of my mouth.

I’m not able to eat the quantity I usually do. When I headed out to Smoothie King on Day 3 post-surgery, I only made it halfway through my 20-ounce Pina Colada Island. It sat in the freezer until this morning, when I popped it in the fridge to melt a bit. I just blended the remainder with ice cream for dessert. It was terrific.

The best thing about Smoothie King besides the smoothies is the mantra:

It totally is.


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