i am iron girl

Went to the surgeon yesterday, where I had an X-ray taken. Check out that work!

I take eating one meal at a time. My surgeon said he wants me eating 2,400 calories a day, which I’m pretty sure I can’t do at this point unless I only consume milkshakes.

Last night for dinner, I had macaroni and cheese sent through the blender. Taking the time to add spice is important, so I mixed in onion powder, salt and pepper to pep things up. We tried to mash up carrots, but they really need to be blended, so we’ll try that again later.

All my medications are liquid, and the one I really need, the antibiotics, is disgusting. However, I need to take the liquid clindomycin with food or else my stomach feels rumbly. I had mine this morning after a Yoplait Whips yogurt. They are light and fluffy and easy to lick off a baby spoon.

Today, I’ll be having that smashed up avocado I’ve been dreaming of with a little olive oil, salt and pepper. A smashed sweet potato might also be on the list.



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2 responses to “i am iron girl

  1. Chris

    You are so lucky to not be rubberbanded shut! This will be a breeze for you!

  2. Jen

    Glad to hear you are doing well! If you’re doing this well already you’ll be fine 🙂 A lot of the times you read about the worse-case scenarios, and it sounds like you won’t be one of those!
    All the best!

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