getting ready

I’m just days away from surgery, and I think I’m shopped out! I’ve gathered pretty much everything I should need:

I bought a few prebottled drinks, as well as a bottle of G2 upon Jennifer’s recommendation. I’ve never bought Naked or Odwalla drinks because they are so expensive, but they were on sale and my jaw deserves them. 🙂 Not pictured: yogurt, frozen fruit, ice cream and peas: nature’s ice pack.

Oooh boy. I have pretty much every eating utensil except for a feeding syringe. I bought a fine mesh strainer to keep pieces out of my braces in hopes that it will take less time to clean them. I’ve got a few brochures for smoothie places in the area and some coupons for things like Carnation Instant Breakfast. On the left, there’s a pile of magazines for my mom to read, as well as my Dollar Store Communicator (aka whiteboard). On the right, I’ve got some of the things I’ll be bringing to the hospital, including nose spray, a mirror, tissues, generic Aquaphor and my Cookie Monster toothbrush. Because I’m reverting to childhood again.

Mmm, my cabinet. Out of sight, there is a box of faux Carnation Instant Breakfast and a bottle of Hershey’s syrup. In front of you, you can see the peaches I plan to use for Stephanie’s peach pie smoothie. There’s also the makings of tomato chipotle soup and some baked beans in there. The jaw above the peanut butter? Oh, that’s just generic Nutella. That I’m going to mix with coffee ice cream. Because that’s the best idea ever.

I’ve been worrying about food a lot because I don’t really know how much I’ll be eating, what I’ll want to eat and what I’m cleared to eat. One of my surgeons says I’ll be able to do no-chew  soft foods pretty much immediately and I’ll be recovered in six weeks. After reading so many other people’s blogs, I almost can’t believe that’s true.

My mom will be coming with me for surgery and staying for a few days after. I’ll be alone for two days, and then my boyfriend will spend the rest of my two weeks recovery with me before I return to work. Right now, I’m triple-crossing my fingers that I don’t get sick before Tuesday. I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning, and the dust and cleaning products always make my nose run. I hope that doesn’t turn into a real cold, or else I’ll have to start this process all over again in the spring.

I hope all of you out there in jaw land are chewin’ it up!


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