A lot of the not-boring liquid and soft recipes I’ve found during my searches involve fruits and vegetables that are clearly seasonal, like sweet potatoes. While you can get fruits and vegetables off-season in the U.S., they aren’t necessarily as tasty. Buying frozen foods, which are flash-frozen at the height of ripeness, is a good way to circumvent this.

But if you’re like me, fresh produce is where it’s at. This  handy seasonality map has taught me a lot about what’s ready for eating in my area beyond the apple season. I’m having surgery in 8 days, and the only thing being grown in my state this month is stick-to-your-teeth spinach.

I had planned to do all of my produce shopping at the local farmer’s market once it opens this spring, although my jaw may not let me chew through some of the tastier stuff early on. My kingdom for a fresh tomato sprinkled with basil.


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