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I may or may not have eaten the soft innards of buttermilk biscuits for dinner.

This whole “chew on the roof of your mouth” thing is getting old. Although I like both, most of my entrees have been macaroni and cheese or that Mexican rice thing. Today, I dreamed of grilled chicken.



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food for thought

“I’ve learned that even when I have pains,
I don’t have to be one.”
Maya Angelou
Thanks, Mary.

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a word about my face

The main purpose of Jaw Nom Nom is to talk about the food aspects of this surgery. However, I can’t resist this opportunity to what my head has felt like after my Lefort I and wisdom teeth removal.

Initially, I didn’t have feeling in 80 percent of my face or more. There were times when I needed to itch my nose, but it wasn’t satisfying because I couldn’t feel it. I feel occasional twinges around my upper jaw.

Today, I have limited feeling in my upper lip and an inch or two around my nose. I have most of the feeling back on my nose. I also have have smudges of mascara under my eyes that I can’t seem to remove with soap and water, partly because I can’t feel much there and don’t want to damage my skin. Washing my face feels really weird and ineffective. I haven’t bothered trying a facial scrub.

I have some swelling still and I don’t quite look like myself, but my cheekbones are back. I can’t purse my lips to blow out a candle. I am moderately more efficient at using mouthwash, but I can’t swish it up past my upper teeth.

For the most part, I’m functioning well. I anxiously await the day I get to the soft chew stage. đŸ™‚

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trying new things

Last night I bought an order of cajun Five Guys fries. They didn’t mash up as well as I had hoped, but it was good enough to fit on my baby spoon. It was a delicious treat, although I’d much prefer to eat fries as they were intended to be eaten — dipped individually into ketchup.

I broke open a can of Bush’s baked beans to eat with lunch today. I can break them on the roof of my mouth, but since I’m not a regular consumer of baked beans, they didn’t appeal to me all that much.


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favorites, mashed

I miss French fries. I’ve considered buying some and mashing them up, but I know that it either wouldn’t work or I couldn’t finish them before they went cold and gross.

During a trip through the frozen section, I found a freezer version of a favorite appetizer of mine:

You don’t need chips to eat this, although it’s best to give it a few spins in the blender first. The whole container is 280 calories and has 40 percent of your daily value of calcium. If eating plain dip creeps you out, I recommend putting it on rice.

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I had my two-week check-up at the surgeon’s office today. He said now that more of the swelling has gone down, my bite looks even more like it did on the operating table. I’m doing so well that I don’t have to see him again for two weeks. Unfortunately, I didn’t get clearance for chewing or exercise, so it’s time to find more foods I can consume.

I did better with lunch today — macaroni and cheese, applesauce and pudding. I had my 3 p.m. Nutri Grain bar ripped into teeny, tiny pieces and I’ve been drinking lots of water.

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work day 2

I didn’t end up bringing my lunch today, which may have been a mistake. I got a smoothie from Tropical Smoothie Cafe for lunch. At 3 p.m., I downed a tomato Soup at Hand (I bought a case of these on sale at Target before surgery). But by the time it was 5 p.m., I was tired and my face hurt from talking. I picked up a small Frosty on the way home and had mac and cheese for dinner (the only non-liquidy food I ate all day).

I think lunch absolutely has to be non-liquid from now on so I don’t get that hungry at the end of the day.

Took a power walk around my block before prime time. I feel much better. I see the surgeon tomorrow, and I’m hoping for good news, especially when it comes to exercise. All I want to do is hop on my exercise bike and watch TV! How strenuous can that be?

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