chris’s recommendations

The hilarious Chris of Saw My Face Apart dropped me a line today with some food suggestions that will definitely help out the sawed jaw gang:

–   You can have a cheeseburger after surgery. This was after my SARPE, though, so I wasn’t banded shut.  I don’t think it would be able to pass through a syringe 😦

–  Pineapple may not blend well but it’s great for two reasons — 1) high glycemic index = good calories 2) helps keep swelling down.  So drink plenty of pineapple juice.

–  Instead of Ensure or something like it I went straight for the industrial strength weight gainer.  I used a product called CytoGainer.  It’s a high calorie/high protein mass builder that is very tasty. Versatile, too.  Between the vanilla and banana flavors I came up with a whole menu of shakes.  For those that would rather stay away from processed stuff like that, coconut milk is super for boosting calorie intake.

–  Clam chowder was one of my favorites after I was banded shut.  It blends easily and smoothly so it works in the syringe without too much watering down, and is pretty high calorie.

–   Half of a Boston Crème Pie blended with some milk is a real treat.  Just sayin.

 That pie idea sounds wicked tasty!

Chris is right about pineapple. I’ve been reading a few blogs lately that recommend drinking pineapple juice before surgery, too, to get a head start on debruising. It’s probably too acidic for the first few days post-surgery, but it would be good after that. My boyfriend likes to drink a glass of half-pineapple, half-orange juice in the morning. That’s delicious.

I have continued to eat foods that I won’t be eating for a while. Today, I had a giant cut-up apple. This weekend, I’ll be tasting two burgers as part of a two-restaurant showdown. Mmm, surgery is tasty.


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  1. Thanks so much for such a helpful blog! I will be checking this more often for meal ideas after my surgery. I am sure a can of Pedisure and Chicken Broth will get old pretty quick. Thanks a bunch!

    Check out my blog. 🙂


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